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A collection of new music projects from UWS – My Critique

Those of you who’ve been following the blog recently will know I recently completed a new free sampler as part of one of my Honours modules at UWS. This is my critique of some of the other submissions that I’ve … Continue reading

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So Many Bugs: Initial thoughts on “A Scanner Darkly”

The first scene opens with a man covered in a swarm of insects. He tries in vain to get them off, even spraying himself with a generic bug spray, but to no avail. He even discovers the green menace on … Continue reading

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Indie 2.0: How Kevin Smith is changing the game (again)…

Yes, I know. I talk more about everything else in the world than I do about music, which is where I actually make my living. But my fellow musos can learn from this sort of moxy. So listen up. You’re … Continue reading

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When Do You Become A New Yorker? (via get NYC’d)

A great post about how long it takes till you can be called a native in a new town. I wonder what the criteria is for Glasgow… When does one officially become a New Yorker?  The barriers of entry to … Continue reading

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Oh, you’re such a tease!

So, first the Foo Fighters come out with the 30 second teaser for their forthcoming album, and we’re all plenty tickled. Now, I gather Panic At The Disco have done the same for their new release, Vices and Virtues (Out … Continue reading

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The most expensive movie ticket ever?

From Film School Rejects: Bryan King did something that, by my estimation, is unprecedented in the world of movie fandom. He paid $1,000 for tickets to see Kevin Smith show off his latest effort Red State at Sundance for the first time. … Continue reading

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Objectivity, we hardly knew ye…

I read a great blog on the New Statesman website a few moments ago by the tremendous Laurie Penny, and I felt I had to share a few thoughts. Please keep in mind that these thoughts don’t really have very … Continue reading

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