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Short Message Service

The message woke him up at 2.34am, the vibration surging through his pillow. Groggily, he reached for his phone, a look of confusion setting over his face as he read the text on his screen. “Hey. I’m bored and can’t … Continue reading

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Don’t Feed The Brats

Yes, I know, I’m being absolutely rubbish for blog updates as of late. Blame academia, as usual. To tide you over for now, here’s the most recent episode of Pure Tunes!

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P Diddy’s a Terrorist

Just realised: I’ve been doing this show for weeks and I haven’t posted anything about it here. Check it out and gimme your thoughts in the comments!

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Teeny Tiny Tony and Teeny Tiny (via Sushi)

Me: I smell a Pulitzer in the making Sushi: A Pulitzer? For Teeny Tiny Village? Will it be a Teeny Tiny Pulitzer? 😉 Me: Is that not the best kind? Sushi: Of course it is! Via sushimustwrite I wrote this story when I … Continue reading

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