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Lady Gaga, Gil Scott-Heron and Chris T-T – Pure Tunes

Giving you the news, like we do! Come see Chris T-T in Glasgow Check out “England Keep My Bones” Download “Word’s Fail Me” Advertisements

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For Gil

I first discovered Gil, as most people do, while serving time in a left-wing political party. Making regular appearances at parties and sound systems, Gil’s music was an ample part of my political soundtrack, right up there with Frank Turner, … Continue reading

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Adele, Paul McCartney and Kickstarter – Pure Tunes

In which our hero is still here… for now… Check out “I Was Born” Download the single Check out Jonathan Denmark’s Kickstarter Appeal Like us on Facebook Follow Jimmy on Twitter @awkwardjimmy

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ACDC, The RIAA and Eurovision

In which our hero gets back into the swing of things. Check out Where We Lay Our Heads Like us on Facebook Follow Jimmy on Twitter @awkwardjimmy

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If I Had A Time Machine (That Would Be Fresh)

So, apparently a ton of people on Youtube started making videos about what they would do if they had a time machine. As usual, I like jumping AND bandwagons, so I put the two together and made this video. Something … Continue reading

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This was a triumph!: My thoughts on Portal 2

Wow. Just that. Wow. That is all. Well, not really. Let me elaborate after the cut…

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Did you guys know…

… that I make stupid videos on the internet!? Like this one? Or this one? Well, you should probably know, I do. You should watch them and stuff. I update every Wednesday nowadays, so there’s always something weird waiting for … Continue reading

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