Will Young’s “Evergreen” biggest selling single of 21st Century. World promptly ends.

So, we’re 12 years in to the new century, and already I’m rooting for Armageddon.

Lets look at the scores as they stand just now. Tories in government, a double dip recession, a ton of dead rockstars and still no sign of Half Life: Episode 3 (I mean, seriously, Gabe, get on to that, kthx) or a crowdfunded second season of Firefly (Joss, lets get together on this one. I’ve got somebrilliant ideas…)

But lets top it off with this little bombshell.

Will Young’s cover of “Evergreen” is currently the biggest selling single of the 21st Century.

His first single.

From 2002.

Sold 1.8 million copies.

OK, so for starters, its not even the worst song in the top 10. All the usual offenders are there: Adele, Black Eyed Peas, even Kings of Leon get a shout.

And to be fair, its not that bad a song.

But its just so tame. So timid and flat and boring and inoffensive. Much like the rest of his career.

Apologies in advance for the somewhat gender specific nature of the following comment, but does anyone remember when music in the charts at least had some cajones!?

So, if anyone spots any of the four horsemen rattling around, let me know. I’m preparing the end of the world street party as we speak…

Cross posted from the Pure Tunes blog.


About jimmyjazz1080

Jimmy Richards is a musician, songwriter and video blogger based in Glasgow, Scotland. He likes single malts, tetley tea and baked goods.
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