Taylor Momsen: “Marilyn Manson told me to worship Satan”

Taylor Momsen has joked in an interview with Kerrang magazine that Marilyn Manson told her to “worship Satan.”

Note the use of the word “joked” here.

Momsen, who is on tour supporting Manson, said that she had to make some sacrifices in order to play the tour.

“Sacrifices!” I hear you yell. “You mean, like, human sacrifices cause she worships Satan and such?”

No, I mean she had to cancel a few of her own tour dates to get the slot.

Seriously, though. The Satan thing was the headline of the story when I read it.

It really let me down after that…

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Jimmy Richards is a musician, songwriter and video blogger based in Glasgow, Scotland. He likes single malts, tetley tea and baked goods.
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