Quarter Life Identity Crisis: On Changing Names Mid Career

When I was a teenager, I honestly believed that there were people out there who would search me out and kill me should I give them my full name or any hint as to where I lived while on the internet. And so, with my interest in blogging and putting myself out there on the internet expanded, I developed a new identity, and a new name: Jimmy Richards.

But, as the years went by, and none of the promised paedophiles turned up at my door (which was a real slant for my self esteem, I tell you) the name lay unused for years, until, as a cocky 18 year old singer songwriter, I brought the moniker back as a way of separating my private life from my professional one.

This worked alright for years. I paraded around as the acoustic guitar wielding rockstar Richards, joking that I was Rolling Stone Keith’s illegitimate love child for a spell, while I was actually the mild mannered nerd who got too drunk and couldn’t really talk to women very well without lapsing into my only area of expertise: socialism.

Of course, it got a little out of hand when friends of mine looked at me in shock after discovering, years later, that my name wasn’t Richards. And now, at the age of 23, I feel my interest in the name is starting to wane. I’m already doing standup with my real name, why not everything else.

So I’m starting fresh.

Hi. I’m Jimmy McKee. Nice to meet you.

I’m in the process of changing a bunch of stuff about my career, starting with my name. Over the next few months, I’ll be changing my domains and Facebook and such to match this. The last thing to go will be my email address and website domain, which I still have for another six months. Just thought you should all know.


About jimmyjazz1080

Jimmy Richards is a musician, songwriter and video blogger based in Glasgow, Scotland. He likes single malts, tetley tea and baked goods.
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