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The Seven Elements of a Creative Personality (Lifehacker)

I’ve been reading an article on Lifehacker about the personality traits normally exhibited by creative people. These include hunger for originality, volatile personal relationships and “being a pain in the ass.” In other news, bears have begun their protest at … Continue reading

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Be Prepared!: How To Prepare For Exams

Lets face it, I’m not an academic by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve never gotten consistent grades in anything. The subjects I excelled in throughout High School were things you could argue I had a natural talent for (mainly … Continue reading

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RE: Julie Bindel on “Fun Feminism” in the New Statesman

I read the New Statesman. There, I said it. I’ve outed myself as a dirty liberal. With that said, I don’t always agree with every sentiment presented in the paper, as is my prerogative, but more often than not I … Continue reading

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RE: Con (pro) fessional

Tony Lee, a graphic novelist of some renown (who, I’ll admit, I’d never heard of till this evening), echoes something I’ve often said musicians should consider. From his blog: So I was having a conversation in a bar in San Diego … Continue reading

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My thoughts on Pottermore: UPDATE

Just when I though my last post could do the job of summing up my thoughts on Rowling’s announcement today, Alex Day has actually managed to make a video that says exactly what I was thinking, even though I didn’t … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on Pottermore

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THQ, Random House Team Up For ‘Transmedia’ Games (Via Wired)

So I just saw this article on Wired about THQ’s new partnership with Random House: Videogame publisher THQ will work with book publisher Random House to create original intellectual properties, the companies said Monday. Both publishers hope to create universes … Continue reading

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