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Why are there no right wing comedians?

Not really a post as such, but read this little article in the New Statesman and wanted to share a quote by one of my favourite comedians, Mr Stewart Lee: The African-American stand-up Chris Rock maintained that stand-up comedy should … Continue reading

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RE: Julie Bindel on “Fun Feminism” in the New Statesman

I read the New Statesman. There, I said it. I’ve outed myself as a dirty liberal. With that said, I don’t always agree with every sentiment presented in the paper, as is my prerogative, but more often than not I … Continue reading

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For Gil

I first discovered Gil, as most people do, while serving time in a left-wing political party. Making regular appearances at parties and sound systems, Gil’s music was an ample part of my political soundtrack, right up there with Frank Turner, … Continue reading

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