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The Seven Elements of a Creative Personality (Lifehacker)

I’ve been reading an article on Lifehacker about the personality traits normally exhibited by creative people. These include hunger for originality, volatile personal relationships and “being a pain in the ass.” In other news, bears have begun their protest at … Continue reading

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To Academia, but not about her…

We’ve just had the least festive christmas season I can remember. Don’t get me wrong: I’m grateful for having had some time to kick back and hang out with the family. But with the weather having essentially brought most of … Continue reading

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Apparently I haven’t blogged since May…

I find this hard to believe. I must have written several thousand words since May. Songs, essays, copy for websites, Facebook status updates, twitter posts, text messages, emails and many a joke about velociraptors, yes. But no blogs? Odd that… … Continue reading

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Quit Facebook? Really?

Let’s face it: user privacy on facebook doesn’t really exist past a point. We get that now. We’ve all become accustomed to the fact our data is being extrapolated by advertisers so that they can better target their products online. … Continue reading

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